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We found out 2 things about plastic

1. Only 9% of the plastic ever created has been recycled. Many plastic items cannot be recycled locally.

2. Some types of plastic are fairly easily recycled using simple tools

Remakery reclaims plastic to remake into tools used for crafting. Visit our Donations page for more information about what types of plastic we are recycling right now.

Most items are available for purchase in the SHOP.

Reclaimed PomPom Maker

The reclaimed pompom maker is made from #2 HDPE plastic primarily from jugs and bottle tops. Currently bottle tops and can toppers are not recyclable in Pierce County unless they are taken to special facilities. The maker can be used to make 2 sizes of pompoms, tassels, bracelets, or tiny weaving.

pompom makers.jpg

Weaving Loom

The reclaimed weaving loom is made from #2 and #5 plastics. The looms can be made in varying sizes from 6 inch x 6 inch to 12 inch x 12 inch.


Darning tool

The reclaimed darning tool is another plastic crafting item that we are prototyping. Currently bottle tops and can toppers are not recyclable in facilities that use large sorting machinery. The darning tool can help when fixing a hole in a sweater or sock. It is used by sitting behind the hole and keeping the fabric taut.


12 x 12 Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets are made from #5 PP plastic. They are 12" x 12" and 1/4 inch thick. Primarily the plastic comes from old or broken buckets and tubs. 

Plastic blank - orange and black shards.jpg

Crochet Hooks and Small Looms

We are prototyping both crochet hooks and 10 inch looms made from #2 HDPE plastic primarily form jugs and can toppers. They are very durable and great for use with t-shirt yarn. Image below is a prototype.

crochet hook prototype.jpg
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